Big Snowstorm for North Carolina

Weather forecasters and i have been looking at the futurecasts on this storm and right now they are all saying this is supposed to be a significant snowstorm for North Carloina. One model says 4-5 inches of snow for the charlotte area, two others models are saying a foot of snow could fall in charlotte. These models are on the outlier side right now most of the models are saying 7-10 inches of snow could fall in charlotte. The northern and southern jet streams are looking like they are going to combine and create a significant snowstorm. The models are saying its just going to be all snow for charlotte so im not concerned for an ice threat because the cold artic air coming. A winter storm warning will likely be issued for this system. I will have another update before the storm hits. Take care everyone and have a nice day.


About Matthew

Hey, My name is Matt im 17 years old. I am a weatherforecaster for the southeast United States. I have always loved the weather ever since I was a kid. Sometimes me and my dad will chase storms just for fun. I have captured some incredible and intense weather before and hope to continue that. I have expereinced a tornado, and a tropical storm. I have also experienced severe ice-storms and heavy snowfall. I am just facinated with the weather. My favorite season during the year is winter. I like the cold brisk days and the snow on the ground. When it comes to forecasting the weather i do my best, and get the information people want, out there.

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