Going Green Segment

Starting on April 25th 2011 I will be striving to complete a series for tips  on going green. Every 2 weeks starting on April 25th I will have a very brief segment, some will be videos and some will be just text documents on what things we can do to keep the earth clean, and also how to reduce our carbon footprint. The first seagment will deal with an introduction to some of the things we will discuss.

Dante' Brown-Royal

Dante' Brown-Royal

Hello, I am Dante' the CEO/President of Weather Advance. I most of the time specialize in Winter Weather and winter forecasting. I also am pretty decent in predicting severe weather and tracking hurricanes. Howevere usually that's not my forte. I will strive to always give you the most accurate updates possible, and information possible when it comes to the weather!

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