New Official 2012-2013 United States Winter Forecast (Updated)

This forecast is not only the new 2012-2013 Winter forecast but it’s a comparison with my old forecast to just show you what has changed.

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  1. so by cold and snowy will the winters in Charlotte,nc be cold enough so any snow that falls doesnt melt for a while or will it be warm enough for the snow to melt
  2. I don’t know why you left out the Dakotas and Minnesota in the bitter cold and alberta clippers, and plus that’s where the arctic airmasses usually strike first when they enter the US. However, I do like how you expanded the cold and snow in the east, seems a lot more realistic, because you probably will have a few storms that try to run up the I-95 corridor and dump the heaviest snow near the mountains. Still, a pretty good forecast considering we’re only in early August.
  3. What does it mean by “winter battle zone”? I live in central Louisiana and would love to see some cold weather and possible snow.
  4. Winter Battle Zone is an area that can see all types of winter precipitation. Anything from freezing rain, sleet, and snow.
  5. Just what I am looking for! If nothing else maybe it will be cold so Louisiana can experience a winter. Thanks Matthew for replying.
  6. Im not sure how much snow these areas will get yet but these areas will have above average snowfall this winter.
  7. @Matthew
    Matthew how positive are you with this forecast?
    And also, take a estimated guess of how many inches of snow will fall in Atlanta, GA. Just a guess.
  8. Matthew how positive are you with this winter forecast?
    And also please take an estimated guess of how much snow will fall on Atlanta, GA. Just a guess.
  9. Hey Matthew! How positive are you with this winter forecast? And take an estimated guess of how many inches of snow Atlanta, GA will get. Just a guess.
  10. Im pretty postive about it. I cant really give you a good guess but maybe 8-14 inches this upcioming winter.
  11. What are your thoughts regarding winter in Kansas this year? Specifically, Lawrence. It seems as though KC and Topeka both get hit but we’re usually on the outskirts of anything that comes our way which is odd considering we’re smack dab between those two! We’ve not had a really decent winter since 2009. I know my family sure is hoping for more than just a little snow this year.
    Thank you.
  12. Newbie here in Cookeville Tennessee. Moved here Jan 2010….lots of snow…. is 2013 gonna bring on more snow than 2010? Hope so!!
  13. Here’s the best case forecast………….prepare now, expect the worse and hope for the best and we will have something in between …………
  14. I have been watching the weather since 1971. i keep a note book daily and compare it to the almanac. i have been saying that the winter coming up for 2012 and 2013 will be very cold one in the south east. i have looked at sites and read what the experts are saying and my predictions are the same as them. the winters from 1976 to the mid 80s were rough. i have already seen things such as early leaf color change which should start in late september already starting. on january 1 1978 i kept up with the almanac daily as i do now. on january 1 1979 i added up each days predictions of the almanac and it was correct 98% for the south east u.s. we had no winter in 2011 -2012 and a very mild summer in 2012. so come may 1 2013 i will see if the experts and my predictions were correct.
  15. Hi, Matthew

    Last winter was very disappointing, so do you think that there will be a snowy winter in the Southeast or for the Atlanta area?
    And also when is the final winter 2012-2013 outlook coming out?

    Thank you,

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