The Wonders Of Creation – The Water Cycle

The wonders of creation- the water cycle

I know, I mentioned that I would be posting videos on this series and I will. The videos are a work in progress. But what we will first examine is the Water Cycle and how Water is a major part of not only the Weather but life in general. The purpose of this series is to prove that there is an intelligent creator, and show the intelligent design behind the wonders of the earth.

The Water Cycle is very unique when it comes and connects to weather. In all actuality the water cycle is really a key foundation to weather. Without water for instance there would be no clouds and hence no precipitation. You see how it all works together? Lets take a closer look at  Water and how not only is it important to the weather, but also a fundamental piece of life.


Above you see a basic graphic that shows exactly what transpires with the water cycle. The sun heats and water and it becomes, water vapor. As it evaporates and it hits the upper atmosphere it condenses to form clouds, as the clouds gain more moisture they produce precipitation. All precipitation is some form of water. Whether Snow, Ice, Sleet Or Hail. The precipitation is either absorbed by the ground or runs off through streams and rivers and lakes, and eventually back to the ocean.

How It Affects Us:

We as human beings are affected by many areas when it comes to water.  A large portion of our body is water. Without water, there would be no vegetation or plant life, without plant life there would be no oxygen. Without oxygen there would be no us. You see how everything was uniquely designed as an accommodation life here on earth?

Green Iniciative

When you consider the water cycle. It usually is a good thing. But due to the extensive pollution that man has created we not only have experienced drought in several lands due to global warming, but we have also seen  something called Acid Rain. Acid rain is as a result of powerful pollution shooting up into the atmosphere and blowing into wet areas, or areas precipitation is about to fall. As a result the precipitation falls in the form of acid. It causes significant damage to crops, plants and wildlife. Why not if you run a plant such as this, why not look into alternative solutions instead of fossil fuels they include nuclear power, hydropower, wind energy, geothermal energy, and solar energy. These are clean solutions and can definitely help the environment. When it comes to Drought, the National Wildlife Federation says:

Global warming is shifting precipitation patterns and also increasing evaporation rates. These trends will create persistently drier conditions in some places, including the American Southwest. At the same time, they will intensify the periodic droughts that affect other regions of the country. These longer and drier droughts will have major consequences for water supply, agriculture and wildlife. Although the American Southeast is typically thought of as having abundant water supplies, recent droughts have served as a wake up call for the region.

Do you Appreciate Water?

We just discussed water, in a very brief extent. It will be even more in the video coming out soon. But ask yourself, am I protecting and cherishing this provision? Am I doing all I can to ensure that water is not polluted? Not everyone has clean water to drink. So cherish it. Next week the second video will be about Trees and how they will effect us personally, and how they effect the weather, and our lives.

Dante' Brown-Royal

Dante' Brown-Royal

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