Model Gudience Supports Winter Outlook

Weather Advance Winter 2013-2014 Temperature Outlook
Weather Advance Winter 2013-2014 Temperature Outlook

This is long range computer models, but this one in general supports in the long range a colder than average patter in the east and warmer in the west. Kind of like what we have been forecasting here at for a while. Now I hate looking at models for stuff this far out, so take it as a grain of salt, but its nice to see the models come along our line of thinking for the winter this early.

Long Range models project  Colder than average temperatures for this upcoming winter.
Long Range models project Colder than average temperatures for this upcoming winter.


Dante' Brown-Royal

Dante' Brown-Royal

Hello, I am Dante' the CEO/President of Weather Advance. I most of the time specialize in Winter Weather and winter forecasting. I also am pretty decent in predicting severe weather and tracking hurricanes. Howevere usually that's not my forte. I will strive to always give you the most accurate updates possible, and information possible when it comes to the weather!

3 thoughts on “Model Gudience Supports Winter Outlook

  • Eric
    July 15, 2013 at 9:39 pm
    Well, it’s also good news for you Dante to hear that may hurricane season analogs (1960, 1969, 1979, 1996, 2004, & 2010) extrapolated out into the following winter also support your forecast & also I’ve noticed that years like this one in which the cold PDO briefly flips to warm during the summer in an overall cold cycle, those winters also have a very similar winter temperature distribution as the CFSv2 is showing & I completely agree with the CFSv2 forecast as it seems to be picking up the best on this upcoming winter pattern. Also note that if this hurricane season goes as I indicated back in March, high hurricane landfalls on the US coast also is usually followed by a cold start to winter, which is the exact opposite of last year. Let’s also not forget about the + Indian Ocean Dipole relationship in the summer I that I showed in my last post which is much like 2009 & 2010, both winters which started off very fast, in fact both featured a rare white christmas generally near & south of the I-40 corridor, interesting to say the least.
  • July 19, 2013 at 12:51 pm
    I am searching for Great Falls Montana winter forecast 2013-2014. Do you have an estimated forecast, im new to this region and would like to have a partial guess as to what I may be facing this upcomming winter thank you for your time.

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