2 thoughts on “2013 Fall Foliage Outlook

  • September 2, 2013 at 9:29 pm
    Hi Matt,
    Good for you to be forecasting weather and in touch with this planet at such a young age (though I am sure you don’t feel young). I honor young people that have ‘knowledge’ and I don’t mean the kind that comes from teachers or books. I am going out on a limb here and offer up that you have had an affinity for weather for as long as you can remember. I live on the other coast and unlike you, I have experienced weather that for the most part is more arid and warm. I am old now, but when I was young my parents took the entire family out to the Colorado River (Lake Mojave) as our vacation spot. We became regulars and known to the locals, many of whom were native Americans. One of them took a liking to our family and taught us, well me and my mom really (I was 6 years old when he and I first met) because we were the ones really interested in what he had to say about how to read the signs in nature regarding the weather. We spent every summer at the lake for over 12 years and we learned how to read the breeze, then the wind, the clouds, the chop on the lake, the way the sand on the dunes was flowing and then the birds and if we could catch perch easily off the back of the boat and what all of it meant. Our ability to read the signs of nature allowed us to predict the weather. Hard to believe but back then, there were no cell phones, no SAT phones, not even CB’s were allowed for ‘regular’ folk for a number of years. People were amazed at our ability to predict the weather and it was all due to our native friend. I am sorry, but his name escapes me, but what he taught us never will. Many other people got stranded out on the lake over the years even though we would try to warn them. They would tell us we were foolish, but after once or twice of having all their gear get blown off the beach they were on, or off their boat and into the lake and sink, never to be seen again, and for some, their boat even capsized, but thank heavens that didn’t happen often. We are thankful that many people listened. We also told the Rangers where we knew people might be stranded and we helped that way as well. Matt, I hope you are listen to and given many opportunities to use your gift. I have no doubt that you were given this interest, drive and ability to predict weather for some special reason. Best of Luck to You – Mrs. C
  • September 8, 2013 at 6:14 pm
    Hello Mrs. C,
    Thank you, you seem to have a really good at predicting weather too. I do my best at predicting how the weather is going to be. Thank you so much again.

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