Midwest/Great Lakes Winter 2013-2014 Second Outlook (Detailed)

Pattern temperatures

Right now the winter of 2013-2014 For most of the Midwest looks like it will be very cold and snowy. One thing that we have noticed over the past two months is that when cool air has been coming down its started around western Minnesota and worked its way down to the south and east. However it ends up stalling before it really clear all the way southward. So while temperatures may  not seem as hot, the brunt of the cooler air is bottled up North of Tennessee and North Carolina.

The Warmer air quickly builds back behind the fronts as we see in the diagram to the right but the high pressure really just does not budge all that much and it keeps the cooler than average air locked and loaded over the eastern half of the United States. The one caution I have for this setup for those in the mid-west is the storm track. For big snows you all get either come from Apps running low pressure systems or from “GLC” (Great Lakes Cutter) This year Alberta clippers will feed some of your snow, but right now im going to stick to my outlook, that you will be colder and snowier than average, from Minnesota, Chicago, Detroit and possibly Indianapolis & Cincinnati.

I believe that winter will start off early for you guys in Late November- Early December. A January Thaw is expected but do not expect it to be like it has been in previous years. The one thing i feel very confident about right now is that it will be very cold in the Mid-west and Great Lakes. Precipitation wise I will have to keep a much closer eye on. But as it stands right now if this pattern continues the way it has been, cold air will definitely be in the picture. We have too see if the weather pattern keeps transitioning to this,

Midwest & Great Lakes Winter Outlook

Midwest & Great Lakes Winter Outlook

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6 comments on “Midwest/Great Lakes Winter 2013-2014 Second Outlook (Detailed)

  1. I live on the southern tip of lake michigan were the snow belt is the most extreme. And i heard my winter will be really cold and the lake effect snow machine will go into over drive this winter. I so hope this comes true. Cause for the last 2 winters it’s been warm and dry..


  2. Hey, let’s hope winter in Indianapolis won’t be as hot as it was in 2011 to 2012 (as in like 50 degrees), only to be a sweltering summer deprived of rain like it was in 2012. This summer was beautiful – an average of about 75 degrees and plenty of rain, but since August it’s gone up to between 85-90…ah hell, at least there’s not a drought this time, though I suspect we won’t be wearing sweaters and seeing our breath come this Halloween.
  3. Very interested to see what transpires here in the next 2-3 weeks. I’m hoping the ridge sets up so we will get some big storms to ride along the gradient into southern Michigan. Local forecasters here in southern Michigan have been horribly inaccurate this summer as temps have continually failed to get to advertised maximums. I’m hoping this cooler summer will make it easier to transition into cold. It looks like a snowy thanksgiving!

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