2013-2014 Winter Outlook #3

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About Matthew

Hey, My name is Matt im 17 years old. I am a weatherforecaster for the southeast United States. I have always loved the weather ever since I was a kid. Sometimes me and my dad will chase storms just for fun. I have captured some incredible and intense weather before and hope to continue that. I have expereinced a tornado, and a tropical storm. I have also experienced severe ice-storms and heavy snowfall. I am just facinated with the weather. My favorite season during the year is winter. I like the cold brisk days and the snow on the ground. When it comes to forecasting the weather i do my best, and get the information people want, out there.

3 comments on “2013-2014 Winter Outlook #3

  1. hey good post been a big fan of this website. just wondering about this upcoming winter for central nc. had a bad year last year far as snow goes just wondering what u think this year will be hoping for a good snow year for this upcoming winter
  2. hey matthew could you give me an esimate of how much snow that i could be getting where i live and i live in JeffersonCounty wv please type me back i am a big snow lover. and could i be getting a snowstorm on my birthday which is on december 16th
  3. Matthew,what about North Carolina I live near Winston Salem,what about Ice and Snow this time around I have found a solid Black Wolly Worm this Fall which was a first in my 40 years of searching,thanks so much Brian Williams.

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