Snow Potential Dec 11-12

I must say there is big agreement for a storm in this time period and this has to be watched for that reason, it seems that the storm comes just on time with the cold shot to bring frozen precipitation to the coast.

Euro-has it going at a pure wave look as the storm follows the cold air.

GFS-has it going off the coast and seems to be going north but has less of a colder solution, yet frozen precip still seems to reach the coast.

Canadian- Has a little stronger with snow all the way up the coast.

Recent GFS:gfs_6hr_snow_acc_east_30


Euro:ecmwf_tsnow_east_33Canadian:  cmc_snow_acc_east_29

Stay Tuned!!!

4 comments on “Snow Potential Dec 11-12

  1. Living in Atlanta equal living in hell! Thats true because I live here for 12 years but I never enjoy winter because whenenver winter is coming god always give us warm and fraking hot weather! Why God makes difference among north and south people!

  2. Is there anyone on this site that will discuss about what the winter pattern is looking like for January and February. I want to here thoughts from you Dante. December looks to be a very fast start for winter and very cold too from the past two years of mild December. We already got snow from two storms especially for the mid atlantic. Are we going to see this trend continue with cold and snow through late December and the rest of winter?

  3. @ Armando

    I miss talking to you on this site! It’s been so quiet! Most people thought this winter wouldn’t be that great. I already have 14.5 inches total this year. A lot of weather coming up in the next month!

    @ Eric

    Where have you been? I want to see one of your awesome posts…I’m experiencing a two-month withdrawal (LOL). Already have half of my average snowfall here in Morris County, NJ.

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