One More Day of Artic Air And Then a Warm Up…

Temperatures as expected dipped well bellow freezing in a number of areas. The Cold air has caused several water main breaks as a result. But many are wondering when this cold air will end. Well the good news is that temperatures in some portions of the east will be in the low 60′s this weekend. The bad news is we only have one day more of frigid cold air to deal with.

As we head into Saturday and Sunday it will really warm up in the Eastern Half of the United States including the mid-west. As you can see bellow on the GFS Model. However it will be rainy for several in the east on Saturday. The best portion of the weekend will likely be on Sunday, when there should be partly sunny skies with temperatures in the 40′s, 50′s and 60′s along the eastern coast.

Afterward as you can see in the Midwest it will not get as cold behind the cold front that will come through late Saturday and early Sunday. I for now am not really seeing any real cold blast coming for the next week or so after this passes by.

By Saturday and into Sunday, 40's 50's and 60's will cover many areas that are experiencing record cold

By Saturday and into Sunday, 40′s 50′s and 60′s will cover many areas that are experiencing record cold

Snow also may come from this upcoming system next week when you head to the extreme western sections of Pennsylvania on Sunday after an extended period of rain. I will take a closer look into that potential tomorrow, or Thursday and give you a more detailed analysis. But warmer air is coming guys, just hang in there one more day!

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  1. the cold blast is coming. I don’t understand why you don’t post anymore updates about this winter pattern. You are probably thinking this winter is over, right?

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