Cooler Pattern After Next Week?

This was a nice comfortable week in the east with the polar vortex coming down to bring up significantly cooler than average air. But that may be a sign of things to come for the last portion of the month of July and very early August. The last couple days the GFS has been hinting at cooler than average air coming in from the north and keeping the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and the Northeast cooler than average. The West on the other hand will stay Hot and steamy.

Things can change between now and then but looking at the models consistency over the last several runs, after you get past next week temperatures should become comfortable again. The timing of this cooler air where we will see a consistent flow of re-enforcement’s of this air will be between the 26th of July Through the 2nd of August. Now do i expect temperatures to be in the Low 70’s as highs in the mid-atlantic? Its possible but not highly likely.

GFS @192 00Z RUN



GFS @264 00z Run


GFS @288 00z Run

GFS 288

384GFS @384 00z Run

So as you can see here that the model is forecasting cooler air to pervade in the east. Will this change? For certain. But its worth watching for right now. I will keep you updated.

Dante' Brown-Royal

Dante' Brown-Royal

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