Eastern U.S. Cool-down Next Week…

The heat and the humidity did return this week, but it looks like it will not be here to stay for very long as another shot of cooler than average air is set to come down by means of the polar vortex. We reported on this FIRST on Friday, July 18th 2014. And right now it is looking more and more likely to occur. The time frame for this cooler air is from July 26th-August 5th. This batch of cooler air will be more widespread and cooler than the last one that came down.

USA_VRTHGTGRD_500mb_204 The peak of the cooler air looks like for now will be around the 30th-31st of the month of July. It will slowly moderate thereafter from west to east. However we cant rule out yet a re-reinforcing shot of cooler air. That part though we will have to wait and see, but does not look likely at this point in time.

While the east is set to cool down significantly, look for the Western half of the United States to be fairly warm. Warmer than average overall. The I-95 big cites may be locked into the 70’s if you were to believe the GFS model, but add a few degrees on those projected temperatures and you may have your expected temperatures for the day. We will keep you updated on the timeline on this refreshing air in the east and what may be down the line as well.

Dante' Brown-Royal

Dante' Brown-Royal

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