Hurricane Season Update

Its been a quiet hurricane season so far. Only two storms have formed, the first storm was Hurricane Arthur which made landfall on the Outer Banks of North Carolina as a weak Category 2.
Some of the heaviest rainfall from hurricane Arthur was from Morehead City up into the Pamplico Sound, some areas on the northern side of the Pamplico sound saw 4-8 inches of rain. The strongest sustained winds was just along Morehead City into the Pamplico Sound. Wind reports were sustained around 100-102 mph.Hurricane5
The image above shows the small tropical depression that swirled around for a couple of days that eventually fizzled out, due to the dry air and shearing winds the tore it apart.
Now lets focus on what the rest of the season may bring. As we all know the peak of hurricane season is still a little ways out. The peak of Hurricane season is from Mid-August to Late October as shown in the image below.
I think that any storms that try to develop the rest of the hurricane season might have trouble developing due the El-Nino and also due the persistant dry air cetered over the Atlantic. Now there will be times where storms can develop, but overall it should be a below normal hurricane season. Heres a image of what I think might happen for the rest of the hurricane season. (Image Below).
If anyone has any questions please ask. Thank you and hope everyone has a great night!

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