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Coldest Air Of The Season Set To Visit The East

On our weather advance facebook page, we mentioned a couple of days ago that a blast of colder air will be coming into the eastern side of the nation. It looks set to stay for the next several days. What also bears watching is a weak area of low pressure, that will be trying to get its act together as the cold air is coming in. You can expect to see is 40’s stretching all the way down into the southeast and even the major cities will struggle to get out of the 30’s. Warmer air is set to visit the western half of the nation. This will last for close to a week. So for those of you who are liking the warm weather we will be experiencing in the east. That will quickly change after November 11th in the east. The Midwest will see the invasion of colder air a lot sooner. Temperatures will be averaging a good 10-15 degrees bellow average for about-6 days.

Coldest of the air should be around the 13th-14th of next week

Coldest of the air should be around the 13th-14th of next week

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