Monthly Archives: May 2016

Massive Overhual Of Weather Advance Started

Hello all, Everyone has wondered why we have not posted as much over the past month. Well as of late we have been working on Content that you will start seeing in the coming months. Over the next couple of months however there will be days that the site will not be visible to the public. This is because the site will be undergoing a major renovation and we are taking the company in a slightly different direction.

One of the things that we are adding is really for “BIG STORM” opportunities. What this means is that during times that we are either tracking storms winter or other coastal or tropical systems we will go live through live-stream and we will talk about the 00Z model run of the GFS. Deepening on our availability you will see us go into more detailed discussions during other model runs as well.

We are also moving into the education phase of our work. A series of articles and videos are being worked on currently to better educate other on the weather and weather safety. Videos will appear on our NEW “ZONE” network.

We also will be engaging with our visitors more on our Facebook page. Something we have looked at as an underutilized recourse.

We have already started the process of acquiring new equipment so that we can show the videos we use to early on when we started weather advance. We also will be creating a forum over the coming months or Threads. These will enable you to talk among yourselves about different weather events that are occurring or seem to occur.

There are a lot more of new and exiting things coming. And Ill leave you with this, we are setting up a studio so that we can be able to broadcast to you in the highest definition possible. More details will be released in the coming weeks!

Anything you would like to see us add or do more on Please leave your suggestion bellow and the management staff of will actively consider your suggestion. Our website relaunch will be in October. However we will not officially close and you will still see us post from time to time.