Model Analysis: Colder Air Coming East, Mild Air In The Midwest & Great Lakes

LOOK WHATS NEW: We are doing a model analysis that we have not done before. Every four days at some point in the day here we will discuss what the models are saying for the long range. We will be using the 12Z GFS model Run data.

Without further or due we are going to be discussing the weather as it pertains to the first 10 days of the month of November. The GFS has been consistent today with the factor that the weather will fairly average as we head into the next couple of weeks. But something interesting is here to take close not of. Notice in the picture bellow the low pressure system that is circled will be the start of several that will end up sitting off the coast. This is on Thursday November 3rd 2016.


Now watch what happens in the picture bellow. The system moves off but then another starts its approach. This is the second of 3 systems. Also notice the ridge of High pressure sitting up over the Midwest and into the Nations Mid-Section. Keep an Eye on that as we move on.


Storm Number 2 comes and goes (see bellow) Normal Right…


Storm Number 2 runs off the coast but now a third system comes into the picture. This one originally looks harmless right? Well it is for the most part. But this storm comes and drops into the Atlantic and just spins there for a day or two, not a ton of precip but more so it is the cooler air that it continues to drag down.gfs-4


This storm system and its effects really moves off on the 8th of November. Meanwhile the ridge in the nations Mid-section stays intact. The cooler air dragged down from the north from these storms stays in the east as well.


So after really a week or so there seems to be the storm moving off. So for the next 10-12 days here is what my analysis and projection for the next week for the weather in the lower 48. I think it will cool and damp in the northeast & Mid-atlantic. The pacific northwest cool and wet. The Center of the country is milder than average.


Dante' Brown-Royal

Dante' Brown-Royal

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