Are The Philidelphia Eagles A Playoff Team

The Philidelphia eagles 2016 season started off with off with so much promise. However a lane Johnson suspension seemed to end the progress this young talented team made. This team started off red hot going 4-2 over its first 6 contests.

What was there downfalls. The youth in the secondary as well as some poor play by the corners as well as not much pass rush after the first few weeks of the season are some holes. But guess what, the defense especially the safteys, linebackers and deffensive tackles played well enough in order to win. What was th issue? Turn your attention too…


What held back this eagles team from being able to make it to the postseason was the mear fact that there offense was mediocre at best really after the first few weeks of the season. Likely Lane Johnsons suspenion had an effect on this but that was not the biggest issue as holoti viti held his own. So the last thing that you have to criticize was the quaterback, wide recivers as well as he running backs.

Quaterback– Carson Wentz played well as a rookie and his stats do not show that he was a pretty darn good signal caller. I expect for him to grow and develop in his second full season as starter. He really did not have much help at all as a young signal caller.

Wide Reciver-  What wide recivers is what i would ask. The eagles were 10th in the leauge as it pretains to dropped passes. Really all that they had was Jordan Matthews and he is a 3rd wide reciver. Hes very good in his role but taken out of his role he will appear to struggle. What was the major help here? Alshon Jeffery should be a massive help to the eagles and take pressure off of Ertz, Celek, and Matthews. Bejarvis-Green-Bechem will be enteringg his 3rd season in the NFL and should be more polished with Wentz. Then they also got Torry Smith, so whatever weakness having the recivers of last season was it is now a strength.

Lagarrett Blount is a really good running back, and he will do something the other running backs on the roster didnt allow the Eagles to do in the 4th quater last year. Run the CLOCK. he will be a major addition as someone who will wear defenses out and apperantly  get stronger as the game wears on.

All said and done this Eagles team is better equiped now than it was a year ago offensivly to really make a push for the playoffs with a good offensive line a pretty good quaterback and a stout deffense this team should give teams fits to a 9-7 or 10-6 record. The defense was ready last year now the offense is.

Dante' Brown-Royal

Dante' Brown-Royal

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