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snowstorm looming

Models Seeing Possible Snowstorm Next Weds-Friday?

Over the past few days we had been watching a coastal low on the models that seemed to be inching closer and closer to the coast. Right now the Euro for the past couple of runs has shown a major East coast snowstorm between Wednesday through Friday for the east coast in general from Washington DC/Northern Virginia and on north. What is interesting is that the GFS has slowly put a more developed storm on the models and the 850’s (temperatures in the upper atmosphere) are cold enough to enduce an all snow event on both models. I will keep a close eye on this and will post an update after the 18Z GFS model runs. We will wait to see what happens tomorrow before posting any snow potential maps. Things can change but the setup is really favorable. However one concern is that this storm could come too far inland and cause the major cities to be all rain. While that is a scenario, we will have to wait and see As it is fighting a high pressure to its west and a cold front/Clipper pressing down from Canada. Which makes it seem unlikely but we have time to wait and see.

Weather Advance Official Winter 2014-2015 Outlook


All of you are very familiar with our past two preliminary winter outlooks for this upcoming winter. Right now im here to tell you that not much has changed regarding my thoughts going into this upcoming winter. Lets consider some … read more