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Cold, Cold and More Cold

Most February’s are know for there snow along the eastern seaboard, but this year it appears like it will be better known because of its Cold than its snow. While it is cold in the east it will be unusually warm in the western half of the united states.

The Jet stream will be set up in a way where every few days there will be a re-enforcement of colder air to come up into the eastern half  of the nation that will keep it cold. The greatest chances for snow will be primarily where it has been most of the winter. There is not too much to report weather wise as the pattern is going to turn fairly dry and cold in the east.

The big news story is that there may be some RECORD cold coming down as you look at the latest GFS model and this is not the first time that I am seeing this appear. Those in the Northeast from DC north could be looking at the coldest low temperatures that they have in a couple of years now. This should start by next friday as most areas in the northeast may be several degrees bellow zero. I will keep you updated as winter Just seems like it does not want to leave the northeast.