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Grandma is Chillin’

Happy New Year Weather Advance followers!  Grandma is still alive and kicking. After too many mild days in December, Grandma has learned that meteorologists are predicting a couple of frigid days and maybe even a snowflake or two in the Northeast, early this week. Well, hot diggity-dog! That prediction was enough to make her jump up and off her rocker. Grandma knows that many of you out there dislike the cold, but she likes it better than sopping hot buttered biscuits in molasses.

According to the Correlated website, “61 percent of pudgy people (like Grandma) prefer cold weather to hot, compared with 42 percent of people in general.”  

Disbelieving today’s forecast, and to test for herself the accuracy of it; Grandma ventured outside early this morning to take a jog in the small park near her house. Wearing only her oversized, unlaced ankle boots and a baggy, 1950s, light cotton sweatsuit, minus her thermal Long Johns, she made a sudden U-turn halfway through the first lap and sprinted back home.  Stubbornly admitting that the forecasters got it right, she declared, “I nearly froze my buns off.”

Always the skeptic, Grandma plans to put on her vintage sweats again tomorrow and take another run. Only this time she will wear her woolen hat with ear flaps and leave her teeth in to keep ice cycles from forming on her frozen gums. ”Til next time – you guys and girls chill out.

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