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Say Hello to Tropical Storm Edouard, And Update On Hurricane Season So Far

EdouardEdouard 2
As of right now Tropical Storm Edouard is expected to become a weak Hurricane by Sunday September 14th. The forecast models are keeping this storm way out in the Atlantic, for example as of right now, it is expected to stay 600 miles east of Bermuda.

So far this Atlantic Hurricane season has suprisingly been on average. It might not seem like its been on average because it got off to a very slow start, and there has only been one U.S landfall and that was Hurricane Arthur which made landfall as a category 2 on the North Carolina coast on July 3rd-4th time frame. So far there has been six storms in the Atlantic, one currently active which is Tropical Storm Edouard. There has been three hurricanes which were Hurricane Arthur(CAT2), Hurricane Bertha(CAT1), and Hurricane Cristobal(CAT1). There has been two Tropical Storms which were Tropical Storm Dolly, and Tropical Storm Edouard whcich is currently active, and there has been one Tropical Depression.

Now on the otherhand the tropics in the Pacific Hurricane Season has been extremly active. There has been 17 storm in the Pacific, which two of those 17 are currently active. Tropical Depression Sixteen-E, and Tropical Storm Odile. There has been one category five Hurricane, which was Hurricane Marie There has been four category Hurricanes, which were Hurricane Amanda, Hurricane Cristina, Hurricane Genevieve, and Hurricane Iselle. There has been two category three Hurricanes, which were Hurricane Julio, and Hurricane Norbert. There has been three category one Hurricanes, which were Hurricane Hernan, Hurricane Karina, and Hurricane Lowell. There has been six Tropical Storms, which were Tropical Storm Boris, Tropical Storm Douglas, Tropical Storm Elida, Tropical Storm Fausto, Tropical Storm Wali, and currently active Tropicak Storm Odile. Finally there has been one Tropical Depression which is currently active.

So basically the Hurricane has been very interesting in both the Atlantic and Pacific. The Atlantic being very quiet but actually on average, and the Pacific being extremly active. I do expect that the Atlantic will be fairly active for the next week or two. Thats all for now, have a great night everyone.

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