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Moving On.

Hello everyone, the time has come for me to move on from Weatheradvance after 6 years. It has been a pleasure working and posting weather forecasts on here. Bigger things have come up for me, and I feel like this is the best time to let everyone know I won’t be posting stuff on here anymore. I have a lot of memories on here, and it was a pleasure answering everyones questions about the weather. I do have a facebok where I post weather updates and I also post stuff about sports on there too. I still post winter, spring, summer, and fall forecasts for the whole country. I also do hurricane season forecasts as well. However I mainly post weather forecasts for North Carolina on there. If you want to check out my facebook page, click here or copy and paste-> In order to see what I post on there, you will have to add or follow me. Thanks again for all the great years everyone!