Fall outlooks

Models Back Off Chilly Air For Start Of October, But A Chilly End To September Looks Likely!

After looking at the upcoming weather pattern later in the week, it is starting to look like any infusion of colder air is going to be short lived. Its now looking like maybe a cooler end to September and then briefly warming … read more

AO, PNA, NAO, All showing consitantcy these past few months!

The AO (Artic Ocalation), The NAO (North Atlantic Ocalation) and the PNA are all right now showing consitantcy towards a pattern that we saw pretty much most of last year. Looking at the AO since May 1st it has been … read more

Introducing Weather Talk!

Myself (Dante’) and Miller Hyatt, have been working very hard on a new feature for the site. And we are proud to announce the new social network called “Weather Talk”. We hope this will allow you to ask all of us at Weather … read more

Join The Weather Advance Storm Team!

[youtube]r-4sCYjWK64[/youtube] We are currently looking for over 20 forecasters to come and help with the site. If you are interested please look at the video and also fill out an application below. We will get back to you within 48 … read more

Taking A Tour Of The New weatheradvance.com

As you can tell there have been a lot of changes to weatheradvance.com. Particularly within the past two months. I am now going to take you on a tour of the new site  and some of its new features and … read more

Livestream Coming Back To Weather Advance Soon

Weather Advance is continuing to re-vamp its policy’s, and we mentioned about a month ago that Livestream may come back at some point of time. Well it is not coming back quite yet. We have a few pieces that still … read more

Weather Advance Still Needs Help,

As weatheradvance.com currently restructures and trys to be better we still are not capable as of now of covering the entire United States. As a result we need weather forecasters. Weather Advance does not have any funds to pay anyone … read more

New Weather Advance Policy’s & New Requirements For Weather Advance Storm Team Members!

Hello everyone, over the past year Weather Advance has grown to be very dependable when it comes to predicting the weather for the upcoming days, weeks and seasons. Yet at times we have been bashed by users with negativity and … read more