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February While Close To Average Overall Temperature Wise Was Wet, and Snowy


Winter was much better than last winter if you include the month of February. While temperatures hovered slightly above average they were not the torch they were last year. Lets look at the graphic above which is the precipitation amounts for the month of February compared to average. Notice most of the Eastern Half of the United states were above average precipitation wise, whether or not it was rain or snow. Now compare this to last winter (2011-2012) in the Month of February (Bellow) and you will notice that most of the eastern half of the united states was bellow to much bellow average precipitation wise.


Now also note that if you were north of the Mason Dixon line and West of I-95 south of it, several of those areas saw a lot of snow. Boston dealt with back to back blizzards and places like Albany finally got in on some action. Last winter if areas got precip most likely it was Ice or rain.

Now that’s talking precip, Now lets look at the temperatures. First lets look at last years February temperatures on average.  (Bellow) you can tell that things were fairly warm. Especially in the Northeast. Where some temperatures were well above average.

201202-201202 (1)

Now lets compare it to this winter. (Bellow)  As you can tell temperatures are much cooler. While this does not look like much. Compared to last winter this is great. Which means usual conditions prevailed. That’s why it seemed so cold. The weather was acting like it usually did that time of year. So if we just go off of this alone you can tell that winter 2012-2013 was a much better winter for cold/snow lovers than the one of 2011-2012.

201302-201302 (1)

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