Weather for the Great Lakes Region.


Reflecting On The Month Of March Weather-wise

The Month Of March was very cold and snowy in the mid-Atlantic and the Northeast, but warm elsewhere. We are going to quickly review the Month of March and what we think will be the case for the rest of April.

Temperatures in the Month of March in Northeast and Mid-Atlantic was the Coldest On Record:

temp logAlong most of the eastern half of the United states temperatures ranged from bellow average to record bellow average levels. (Maine) Up and down I-95 You saw much bellow average temperatures and several snow storms. Washington D.C saw its largest snow of the season 7.0″ in a mid-march snowstorm.  The winter did not let up throughout most of the month of March as  the polar vortex continually dove into the east and temperatures were well bellow freezing for days in many areas. This was due to stratospheric warming up in the arctic, which persisted throughout most of this past winter.

Wetter Than Average Conditions Persisted In the Pacific Northwest:

northwestWhile it was cold in the East it was much wetter than average in the pacific northwest. While none of the states overall reported record wet conditions it is quite particular that it was much wetter, in the northwest but generally drier than average in the Midwest. The Southwest experienced about the normal amount of rainfall, while temperatures were much above average. However an existing drought in the Southwest likely will have an effect on produce prices nationwide. So thats something we need to keep an eye on,

So overall March was cold and snowy in the east. Cold and Dry in the mid-west. And Wet and warm in the Pacific northwest. March had one extreme form of weather on one end of the USA clear to the other end. It is probably worth mentioning the Alaska was above average temperature wise as well. You will see these monthly weather analysis on the website every month about mid-month as we launch our new and improved version of

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