Weather for the Great Lakes Region.

Weather Safe: Tornado Prepardeness

In wake of the Devastating tornadoes that have struck Oklahoma and Texas, It is vitally important that we discuss some aspects to stay safe and secure in severe weather. This Article will talk on tornadoes, since they are a serious threat as we … read more

February While Close To Average Overall Temperature Wise Was Wet, and Snowy

Winter was much better than last winter if you include the month of February. While temperatures hovered slightly above average they were not the torch they were last year. Lets look at the graphic above which is the precipitation amounts … read more

Weather Advance Series : The Wonders Of Creation

Greeting all i wanted to apologize for not having any videos or posts over the past several weeks and not having the entire winter forecast posted. I am busy with a big project, at Our first series of episodes on a certain topic. … read more

Accuweather Confirms Weather Advance Winter Outlooks! since late April and early may have been releasing a series of winter outlooks for this upcoming winter season. And one thing we said often is that the mid-west would really have to rely on clipper systems for this upcoming winter … read more