Storm Threat: Snow At Least Possible Next Weekend

The main model once again that I use is the GFS. Mainly because to me its been more reliable than the Euro since its major upgrade a little over a year ago.

The GFS at least overall has been consistent with a storm system being there. The Euro lost it for about a day. Right now honestly though I do not agree with the GFS as it pertains to temperatures warming enough for snow to change over to rain. As I believe that the storm located over Ohio will give way to the developing coastal low. Which will allow colder air to stay in place.

This is something that continues to bear watching. Looking at the NAO and AO and PNA they are not too favorable for a storm system to come through but once again, things can happen where you would just need the perfect track to get some measurable snow. We will keep you updated on this possible mid-Atlantic winter storm.


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