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The New

Weather Advance has gone through a renovation project where we are currently switching servers and at the same time trying to provide higher quality for our viewers. There will be a few things added to the site with time but … read more

Winter 2012-2013 Outlook Release Dates

Preliminary Winter Outlook Release Date- June 10th 2012 Second Revised Winter Outlook Release Date- August 1st 2012 Third Revised Winter Outlook Release Date- September 15th 2012 Final Winter Outlook Release Date- October 10th 2012 “For Hints at What may be in store for next winter … read more

LA Nina On its Way Out! El Nino Next up?

Here is the Final advisory from the NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE ON THE LA NINA that led to this past winters record breaking warmth in some areas. Please note that the NWS said this is a final advisory. ENSO Alert System Status: Final … read more

Weather Advance Monthly Magazine… Coming January 2011

Weather Advance is proud to announce the release of a new magazine by Its called “Daily Weather”. We are currently accepting subscriptions for the magazine and it is free for now. In the long range there may be a … read more

Relaunch of Weather Advance Weather Talk

Weather Advance has been working extremely hard to make improvements and add new features that you may like to the site. Such as the zip code system, which was added about 8 months ago, and the original launch of the Weather Advance Weather Talk … read more