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PATH TO WINTER 2015-2016- PAST EL-NINO’S (WINTER 1997-1998)

A new series that I will be working on as we head closer and closer to Fall and eventually winter will be us looking at prior El-Ninos and seeing there effects that they had on the winter pattern. The first one we will look at it the one that appears that this winter will compare to in terms of strength. That is none other than the El-Nino winter of 1997-1998.

February 5th 1998 Winter Storm:

This winter storm effected areas of the southeast and spread a little bit of snow into areas of the mid-Atlantic. This was one of the few major snowfall events of that year as most of the winter was warm BUT wet. Could we see a repeat? Check the video out bellow on a description of the February 5th 1998 Winter Storm, and a brief overview of what that winter brought them.

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