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This has to be what puzzles me the most right now as Invest 91L has maximum winds of 45mph within the storm. Now are these winds sustained is the question. The storm system seems to be trying to become more organized but it is running out of time.

Biggest Impact: Torrential downpours and flooding rain will be the major factors that we could see in the states of TEXAS, OKLAHOMA , KANSAS AND MISSOURI.

LEAST IMPACT: Wind? What wind? This storm will offer the occasional gust of wind but that will not be the feature element of this storm system once it comes on shore.

IMPACTS DOWN THE ROAD: Invest 91L will have further reaching impacts than just the states mentioned above but for even DC/Maryland/Pennsylvania and New Jersey. While not as much rain is expected as, lets say… where this storm makes landfall, we will see the enhanced moisture from it as it travels up along a stalled out front located in northern Pennsylvania.

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I will have a more detailed update later tonight…

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