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Cold Weather To Stick Around For the Next Few Weeks

Hello all, I know it has been a while since we have posted on the site. We have had several snow events and a ton of cold weather that has effected the eastern half of the United States this winter. A lot of us are tired of winter. It leaves a question of Just when will things start to feel more like spring? Well no time soon. Even the southeast may be cold. Now I will say this, the sun angle this time of year often times is not accounted for in computer models, therefore the air temperature is not as cold as it may have originally appeared. However according to today’s 18Z GFS model runs, the chilly-cold air should be hanging around in general at least up to the 19th . We will discuss why so much cold air has come down in a post that will come out tomorrow afternoon. Take care all.

gfs 19

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