Preliminary Winter 2013-2014 Winter Outlook

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  1. Hi I live in the Pacific North West Spokane can you tell me if we will get a lot of snow this season
    Thank you look forward to your answer

  2. in reading all of your info, you seem to have forgotten that arizona and new mexico actually exist and that we do get severe winter weather in the higher and more northern elevations of both states. Is there any way for you to add the southwest, both desert and mountain regions to your forecasts?

  3. I also live in northwest Ohio Toledo Mich. boarder some how we escape all extreme weather.I am a snowmobiler,so we chase the snow up north Mich. ( but not the U.P) Do you see thing indicating Toledo will have any major blast? So that I be out on the roads on my snowmobile, ( when every one else’s cars are buried and stranded) Also how is Gaylord, Grayling, Cadillac Mich. looking?
    Thanks for your time

  4. Well living in Central NY State I’m thinking I may have made a very wise investment in buying new snow tires for both vehicles this year…

  5. Thanks for the info, but the spelling on this site leaves something to be desired. Your graphics all say “BELLOW” instead of “BELOW.” Not acceptable in a news source.

  6. Dante, I have enjoyed your posts for several years now, and appreciate yuour efforts. I was just reading all the negative posts and thought you could use a positive one. You do a great job and I thank you for all you do. People should not hide behind their computers and post negative things. I will leave my misspelled words as they are.

  7. What is your prediction for us out here in the Pacific Northwest? Been unseasonably warm (low 70s) here. Do you expect that trend to continue? Love your stuff!

  8. This is very informative, I must say, we could do without the spelling police Jeff. Your post makes you look like a real jerk, not the smart guy you wish you were.

  9. Best guess. Will the Northern Oregon Coast get any snow? White Christmas perhaps? not looking for a “dependable” answer, i know that far out is gonna be a guesstimate at best. Just looking for the intuition of a knowledgeable person.
    Thanx for your time and work. it is appreciated.

  10. Enjoy your posts. We had soooo much rain in Georgia this past summer and late spring that I don’t care if I see another drop of rain in any form for another year. Seriously, we had maybe, maybe, 5 days of sun the Whole Summer of 2013! That’s in Georgia, where almost everyday during the summer you get some sun! Lots of damage to homes, roads, crops, people’s spirits, etc. Flash floods caused much damage in Atlanta. Tell me, tell me, please, that we are NOT going to get any more precipitation in the Winter of 2014. Also, I would love to see a hot and dry spring and summer in ’14 as well.


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  14. Why is the state of North Carolina no longer getting any severe weather? We used to get ice, snow, thunderstorms, etc… but for the past 10 to 15 years nothing substantial has came our way. Instead we get warm temps and occasional rain. Even thunderstorms in the summer have been almost non existant.

  15. I am planning a road trip I live in Washington state and around march 19th we will be driving to Indiana. We have to go threw a lot of mountains and snowy states trying to get a idea of what the weather will be for a drive around that time we will be head back to washington around the first of April I know it’s just a prediction but anything gives me a idea of what to expect thank you.

  16. i’m from indiana :) northern that is i hope your right about above average snow fall that’s why i live here!! SO BRING ON THE SNOW!!!!

  17. Any word on the wintry weather headed towards the South the end of this week? Particularily, Northwest Georgia? Thank you:)

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