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Be Careful Not to Model Hug Folks

The Current state of the ENSO has stalled, long range models indicate that this will change, but ive seen this before, so until i see the models actually verify, i don’t see much reason why a repeat of last winters Neutral to weak ENSO is still possible.



National weather Service over the winter sees it more likely of a LA Nina-Neutral Conditions than an El Nino- Next Winter it is more likely to see the development of an el nino. But overall a small pool of cooler waters will persist in the eastern pacific, no real el-nino develops. Most likely scenario as I have said before in my thinking is a Very Weak La Nina Neutral Conditions, i just don’t see el nino at this time. That may change over the next few months. A Lot of time folks.


Stratospheric Warming, Indian Ocean Dipole implications on hurricane season & next winter. 1996 now a hurricane season analog. Cape Verde storm for July?

Weather Advance hurricane pic 3

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Hurricane Season Forecast & Late Winter Ramblings

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Incredible winter storm for the Northeast US, widespread power outages likely. Major Blizzard for the upper midwest. More to follow as pattern remains favorable

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Southern New England and parts of the northeast to get absolutely crushed by a crippling snowstorm Friday. Another system to follow towards Valentine’s Day as pattern becomes even more favorable

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