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For this winter it looks as if the More than average snowfall forecast will be farther south & east than it has been in previous years. How if every other forecast is predicting less than average snowfall? Well for example, Minneapolis just revived a record snowfall of 2.4″. There first inch of snow is usually in Mid November. So what’s the point? Well I expect a longer snow season with pretty much, snowfall starting now for the southeastern portion of Canada under the Red Shading. The Jet stream for most of October and early November will probably favor more snow for that area in Red in Canada. On the West Coast It will be warmer than average with the possibility of a ridge forming into the southwestern areas of Canada. So much less than normal snowfall this year with more rain. And If you are in the gray areas you will be colder than average in the east and around average in the central areas of Canada and the western portion should be warmer than average. If you have any questions or comments please leave them bellow. Everyone have a nice winter, and remember to enjoy the weather because it is the only weather we’ve got! 🙂

Toronto Canada Forecast:

Colder And Slightly Snowier Than Average

Jet Stream will be farther south of the Toronto area than in previous years.

Main Time for snowfall would be around Early December and Early March.

Snowfall Amounts 60″+ more possible if storm track remains persistent.

Canada Winter Storm Tracks

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