2013-2014 Final Winter Oulook

Final Winter 2013-2014 Outlook.
Final Winter 2013-2014 Outlook.

Winter of 2013-2014 I believe will be a cold one. A very cold one at that. Now will that translate to snowy conditions? Not For everyone. Especially if you live along I-95 and in the southeast. I believe 2/4ths of the country will remain colder than average overall during this upcoming winter with brief mild spells. But those spells will come along with precipitation which is why I thing that the main areas for snow will be the interior sections of the Mid-Atlantic, northeast and in the Midwest.

The Coldest of the air will be in the mid-west and the northern half of the west. Where the winter battle zone is, we will likely see a lot of slop storms, and Icy weather. They will have there fair share of snow, but it will be more of a winter where you see that sloppy wintry mix. Along I-95 I believe you will see it cold, but also sloppy as well, as more storms may track further inland letting the interior sections of the northeast receive the majority of the snow. That area is also a wild card because when it comes to snowfall I believe it will be around average to slightly above average snowfall wise Along I-95 Big cities. But that depends on how big the storms that come up the coast in favorable position and circumstances for you are. As we have seen in 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 it can make all the difference.

I Expect the southeast to be cooler than average overall as well. But I still expect closer to average snowfall totals for you all. It will be wet.

Overall there are not many changes to this winter outlook from my previous one. I will add maps to this outlook as time goes on, but for right now this is how I expect winter to pan out. Here is a link to our winter center where we will keep you updated with most of the winter weather in the area.

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