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2014 Hurricane Season Recap, Below Average Again.

2014 Hurricane Season Recap. We had a total of 8 named storms, which is 4 named storms below average. We had 6 hurricanes, and the average amount of hurricanes on average is 6. The average major hurricanes is 3, there … read more

Weather Advance Films


Weather Advance Films

Weather Advance films is the trademark a lot of our videos will now take on, this division will be responsible for: Will Acquire a Livestream Channel Where new videos will be streamed Daily. Traditional Weather Videos Educational Weather Video Series … read more

Weather Safe


Weather Safe: Extreme Heat Safety

During the summer time, heat exhaustion as well as heat stroke are very common in extreme heat. A lot of times it is due to people not knowing that its not enough to just stay hydrated outside in the heat. … read more



Weather Advance Official Winter 2014-2015 Outlook

All of you are very familiar with our past two preliminary winter outlooks for this upcoming winter. Right now im here to tell you that not much has changed regarding my thoughts going into this upcoming winter. Lets consider some … read more