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October – With October Upon Us, What To Look For…

As we head into the month of October as I have said in both of my winter outlooks this will show some of the signs of the pattern that we will be entering as we head into winter. Some things … read more

Weather Advance Films


Weather Advance Films

Weather Advance films is the trademark a lot of our videos will now take on, this division will be responsible for: Will Acquire a Livestream Channel Where new videos will be streamed Daily. Traditional Weather Videos Educational Weather Video Series … read more

Weather Safe


Weather Safe: Extreme Heat Safety

During the summer time, heat exhaustion as well as heat stroke are very common in extreme heat. A lot of times it is due to people not knowing that its not enough to just stay hydrated outside in the heat. … read more


My 2014-2015 Winter Forecast 2nd Update

Good evening everyone, I hope everyone is doing well. Well lets get started talking about this upcoming winter. So to start off is this winter going to be an La-Nina or an El-Nino winter? Well my thoughts right now is … read more